The importance of community

As I get older, I am painfully aware of the fact that I am not physically able to do the things I could do ten years ago. After I finish typing this article, I am going to crank up the chain saw and cut up some fallen trees in my yard. I am hoping my aging back will hold up for that! I never thought about that kind of pain just a few years ago. Don't get me wrong, I love to cut wood, I just know I will have some "pain" to deal with tomorrow! The truth is we all deal with pain in life... as we age, no doubt we deal with physical pain; but we also wrestle with lingering emotional pain. Pain caused by criticism, abuse, or rejection. Emotional pain resulting from our poor choices and regre

Battling discouragement

Do you view yourself as a courageous person? I think most of us want to think of ourselves that way, but yet there is so much in this world that can cause us to be discouraged, which is the opposite of courageous. Discouragement can be fueled by gloomy winter weather, woes at work, unhealthy relationships, financial calamity, health concerns, schoolwork, overloaded schedule... When you think about all that can cause discouragement, it seems like courage would be really rare to see and experience. The truth is that courage can't be conjured up. You can't just "man-up" to the challenges that this life throws at you. We all face fierce battles and steep mountains that will discourage us. S

Great expectations

Artist's rendering of Watermark's new home, currently under construction. Nine years ago this week Watermark Church launched as we began weekly services in the cafeteria at Troutman Middle School. We have come a long way since that very first service; no doubt God has used our church to make an impression and leave a mark for Jesus Christ. Now just one year away from our 10th anniversary, we can look forward to celebrating that special historical "marker" in our very own home! 2016 was another great year for our church. We saw 26 people baptized and many others make heartfelt commitments to follow Jesus more closely. We have seen more and more people connect, grow and serve through our l

Experience a revolution!

So we are four days into the new year; how are those new year's resolutions holding up? Don't give up! We can, and should, have great expectations for the new year. Some people don't even bother to make resolutions because they fear it sets them up for failure. And while that may be true to a certain extent, the alternative is to become stagnant. How can we improve our success rate with any resolution? The key is not simply making a resolution, but rather experiencing a revolution! A revolution is a sudden, marked, dramatic change in leadership. Before making any resolution, ask yourself what does God want to change in me this year? Seek Him FIRST. (Matthew 6:33) Pray for His lea

Welcome to Impressions

Watermark is a community of people doing life together, connected by Christ and to Christ. We are people of all ages, all backgrounds and all places in their faith. We struggle together, celebrate together, serve together, and grow together. Do you have questions about God? About faith? About being a Christian? Impressions explores Biblical answers to real life struggles and tough topics. It's an easy way for you to connect to the Watermark community. Click here to subscribe!

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