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The importance of community

As I get older, I am painfully aware of the fact that I am not physically able to do the things I could do ten years ago. After I finish typing this article, I am going to crank up the chain saw and cut up some fallen trees in my yard. I am hoping my aging back will hold up for that! I never thought about that kind of pain just a few years ago. Don't get me wrong, I love to cut wood, I just know I will have some "pain" to deal with tomorrow!

The truth is we all deal with pain in life... as we age, no doubt we deal with physical pain; but we also wrestle with lingering emotional pain. Pain caused by criticism, abuse, or rejection. Emotional pain resulting from our poor choices and regrets. And of course we face the spiritual pain caused by our own sin which results in guilt and conviction.

The great news for us is that our God is in the healing business! One of the names for God in the Bible is Jehovah-Rophe, which means "Healer." God wants to heal our pains - physical, emotional and spiritual. This past Sunday, we talked about how to experience healing. If you missed it, please listen online. No doubt, we all need healing and thankfully, our God wants to heal our pains.

God uses other people to encourage us when we are in pain too, doesn't He? At Watermark, we are very intentional about creating opportunities for people to gather in small, life groups to study the Bible together, pray together, find accountability and encourage one another. If you are not attending a life group right now, I want you to consider finding one that fits your schedule. We have groups meeting weekly, twice monthly and are now launching two Sunday morning groups for men and women. The new group for men, called Navigators, will start this Sunday before worship at 8:45 am. There is a group at Watermark for you!

Photography courtesy of Mabyn Ludke Photography.

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