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Life Groups

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Life Groups are an important way for us to be in community at Watermark! They give Watermarkers (and our friends and neighbors without a church home) the opportunity to grow our relationship with God, and also our relationship with one another as we spend time together, pray for one another and study scriptures together. 

Watermark life groups will begin meeting after Labor Day.  Our 2023/24 Life Groups are:

  • Every other Sunday evening - Women's life group led by Betty Samuels and Pam Russell

  • Monday evening - Men's group led by Al Ramirez and Tom Kusek

  • Monday evening - ReNew life group led by Mark Cole & Connie Cady

  • Tuesday evening - NEW ReNew life group led by Mark Cole & Leslie Kusek

  • FULL Tuesday evening - Co-ed life group led by Sherri & Terry Riddle

  • Tuesday evening - Co-ed life group led by Freda & Mark Baxter and Todd & Ann Harrington

  • Wednesday morning - Men's group led by Pastor Joel

  • Wednesday morning - Women's group led by Debi Taylor and Leslie Kusek

  • Wednesday evening - Parents life group led by Sarah & Drew Stapleton, supported by Emily & Bradley Madison

  • Every other Thursday evening - Co-ed life group led by Patty & Keith Rea and Jeff & Melissa Fussell, and Monica & Carey Evick and Diana & Jerry Briggs

  • Thursday evening - 20 Somethings Co-ed life group led by Katie & Lucas Jones  

  • Every other Thursday evening - Singles Co-ed life group led by Rob Gordie


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Provide a chance to connect

with God and others.

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