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Great expectations

Artist's rendering of Watermark's new home, currently under construction.

Nine years ago this week Watermark Church launched as we began weekly services in the cafeteria at Troutman Middle School. We have come a long way since that very first service; no doubt God has used our church to make an impression and leave a mark for Jesus Christ. Now just one year away from our 10th anniversary, we can look forward to celebrating that special historical "marker" in our very own home!

2016 was another great year for our church. We saw 26 people baptized and many others make heartfelt commitments to follow Jesus more closely. We have seen more and more people connect, grow and serve through our life groups, service and youth ministries. In early January of last year, after careful consideration and prayer, our management team made a decision to build a home of our very own. One year later, the foundation has literally been laid for that home. I am amazed when I think about how far we have come since making the decision to build. We hired a builder, architects, designed a building (within budget), completed a capital campaign with pledges of over $1.2 million, finished final designs and broke ground during worship on our future campus in September. By year end, footings had been poured and nearly $600,000 contributed to our Ignite Building Project. Now that is a great year!

I have great expectations in 2017 for Watermark Church too! We will move into our own home in late summer. As we move toward that big day, let's use this year to continue to grow deeper in our commitment to Christ by attending worship weekly, reading God's Word daily, praying ceaselessly, gathering with other Believers in a life group regularly and inviting friends and family to worship with us weekly! When we commit to these simple faith steps, God can use us to make an impression and leave a mark for Christ's sake and prepare us for the great days ahead for our church.

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