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Resolving Conflict

Have you ever had a “sharp” dispute with someone? Of course you have; we all have. Conflict is dangerous because, if left unresolved, it can create serious disunity and disharmony in relationships. In fact, conflict is like a breach in a dam; if it isn’t repaired, the dam can burst resulting in serious damage downstream. Lots of innocent people can be affected in devastating ways. So how can we handle conflict, before it handles us? How can we resolve it and even avoid it going forward?

The Bible has a lot to teach us about resolving conflict and even avoiding conflict. In Acts 15, we see conflict rearing it’s ugly head in the New Testament Church and between friends and ministry partners Paul and Barnabas. What valuable lessons can we learn from these conflicts?

In the first two verses of Acts 15, we see a “sharp dispute” erupt in the church in Antioch that could potentially create a huge breach in the early church. There was a question about what it takes for someone to be “saved” or to be welcomed into God’s very own family. This narrative gives us the answer, which is great news; but it also gives us excellent insight about handling conflict in a healthy way!

To learn more, click here to listen to: Multiply: Part 12 - Resolving Conflict.


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