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I Crave Mercy

What do you know about mercy? I’ve heard mercy defined as “not getting, or not giving, what is deserved.” Chances are pretty good that you, like me, have been the beneficiary of mercy at some point in your life. If you’re a Christ-follower, I know you’ve experienced God’s marvelous mercy. How much have you offered mercy in your life?

In the fifth Beatitude, Jesus tells us:

7 Blessed are the merciful,

for they will be shown mercy. Matthew 5:7

Jesus says that we will be blessed when we’re merciful. What would that look like in our lives? And how are mercy and forgiveness related? Chances are good that you’ve experienced the pain and heartache that comes as a result of a wrong committed against you. We’ve all had those devastating experiences that are not only impossible to forget, but can seem even more impossible to forgive.

I read this week from pastor and author Colin S. Smith, that it’s important to understand the distinction between forgiveness and mercy. Smith says, “Mercy is broader than forgiveness, but forgiveness goes further than mercy.” In fact, mercy is a vital stepping stone toward forgiveness.

To understand what mercy looks like, consider the fact that mercy is a defining attribute of God. When God revealed Himself to Moses on Mount Sinai, mercy, or compassion, was the first trait He used to describe Himself (Exodus 34:6). God is described as merciful over and over in the Bible. Paul describes God as “rich in mercy.” (Ephesians 2:4)

Clearly our God is merciful. Jesus revealed the depth and expanse of God’s mercy toward us. If you are a Christ-follower, you are called to be like Him. Because God is merciful, we too will be merciful. Mercy is paramount to our calling as Believers. (Micah 6:8; Matthew 9:13)

If you want to make an impression and leave a mark for Jesus Christ, learn mercy. If you want to make a difference and see a difference in your workplace, on your team, in your school, in your home, in your marriage, learn mercy, show mercy, live mercy. (Luke 10:25-37)

So how can we express mercy in our lives? Click on the link below to listen to the message… The Blessed Life: A Journey Through The Beatitudes - Part 5 - I Crave Mercy to discover six opportunities for showing mercy, including the answer to the difficult question: When and how do I forgive someone who has hurt me deeply? Share this message with others who may be encouraged and challenged by it!


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