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Courage to change

Change. Change is not always embraced. Change is not necessarily comfortable. Change may not easy, fun or wanted. So why would anyone want change? The truth is that a lot of folks don’t; but change may be absolutely needed to go where God wants to take you! The question is, do you have the courage to change? To change your attitude, your heart, your priorities, your values, your behavior?… In the new year, maybe you are thinking about change, or maybe you should be. All of us could use some change… change for Christ’s sake!

One of the most dramatic changes I know of is the life change that Saul, or Paul, experienced. Saul had been a religious terrorist. Fueled by zeal, he stirred up havoc with anyone who claimed to follow Christ. The Bible tells us he dragged men and women from their homes and threw them in jail if they were committed to “the Way.” He was a member of the Sanhedrin, a Hebrew scholar and legal expert. People were terrified of him.

Then one day, Saul met Jesus. (Acts 9:1-22). On a journey to Damascus from Jerusalem to wrangle more Christians to throw into jail, Saul was blinded by a light from heaven. He had been living in darkness and now Christ put him in the dark! From that moment on, his life was dramatically changed. After seeing the light, Saul would change from a radical terrorist to a radical Christ Follower! He went from destroying the church to building the church. He spent the rest of his life building the Kingdom of Christ!

So what can we learn from Paul?

1. God can change anyone! Paul’s amazing story is repeated every time a sinful, broken person is transformed by the grace God offers in Jesus Christ! Maybe you have been in the dark. You may think you have done such awful, despicable things, that God could never forgive you, save you and change you. Let me assure you, God can and He will! Paul had done some really bad stuff and look what God did with him! If he can save and change him, he can change anyone, including you!

2. God can use anyone as a powerful witness for Jesus Christ! Could anyone ever predict that God would choose Saul to help build the Kingdom of Christ? Maybe you don’t think God could or would use you. Let me assure you that He can and He will! Are you ready to be used by Him?

3. Anyone can surrender to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Even Saul. Saul gave his life to Jesus! When Saul met Jesus, he went all in for Him… became fully committed to Christ. He surrendered his life despite the fears and troubles he must have known were coming his way. He would famously write: 21 For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21. Will you surrender to Christ today? Invite Him to help you change for Christ’s sake! For much more, listen to Courage - Paul: Courage to Change.


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