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Can you lose your salvation?

Have you ever lost anything that really mattered to you? Years ago, my wife Lori looked down at her wedding ring and lost her breath. To her horror, the diamond in her ring was gone! One of the prongs that held the stone in place had broken and the diamond fell out. She looked everywhere, but unfortunately, it was hopelessly lost. It broke her heart… at least until I replaced it a few weeks later with one that was much larger than the one she had lost. She felt a lot better after that.

There is nothing in this world more important to Christians than the salvation we are given because of our trust in Jesus Christ as Savior. Is it possible to lose that salvation? Is that anything we need to be concerned about or to question? The answer is absolutely not! A Christian is firmly secure in his or her salvation. There are a lot of things in this world you can lose, but salvation is not one of them. Why? Why can’t we lose our salvation?

On Sunday, as we continued our Essentials series, we spent some time explaining why a Christian can not lose salvation. This is what we believe about Eternal Security: Because God gives us eternal life through Jesus Christ, the believer is secure in that salvation for eternity. If you have genuinely believed, you cannot "lose" your salvation. Salvation is maintained by the grace and power of God, not by the self- effort of the Christian.

To answer why Christian’s can’t lose salvation, we took a close look at what happens when a Believer receives salvation, then what must happen in order for that to be lost.

We also answered some other important questions: What about the “Christian” who lives in habitual sin or who “falls away” from the faith? What are the attributes of a Christian? If you missed it, listen to this very important sermon online.


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