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Guard against spiritual eclipses

I have to admit, the eclipse kind of lived up to the hype for me. Honestly, I had not even bothered to get the “eclipse” glasses to watch it, but when my daughter Kerigan showed up about the time it started with some glasses, I checked it out. I thought it was pretty amazing. I was a little disappointed though, that it didn’t get any darker here, even at 98% totality; but that just proves how bright and powerful only 2% of the sun is. It all happened pretty quickly too with the moon moving at nearly 1500 mph.

On Sunday, as we continued our Exodus series (Exodus 32), we talked about how quickly the Israelites strayed from the LORD while Moses was away on Mt Sinai getting instruction from Him. They called Aaron to make a golden calf they could worship, which surprisingly, he did. God had clearly commanded His people to not worship any other god or any image of a god, yet they did, with no hesitation. This proves how quickly something can move between us and the LORD, eclipsing our view of Him, limiting His light and influence in our lives.

There is a reason Jesus told us the greatest command is to love the LORD your God and why God commanded us to worship Him only, to not allow anything to come between us and Him, to not misuse His name and to remember the Sabbath (Exodus 20). If we are honest, there are plenty of potential “golden calves” in our lives… whether it is material possessions, money, work, career ambitions, sports, kid’s sports, friends, entertainment, leisure… you name it. We have plenty of things trying to move between us and the LORD. Is there anything in your life that is coming between you and God? Is there anything that is keeping you from growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ? Anything keeping you from producing fruit (Galatian 5:22)?

If so, move it! Eliminate the eclipse! Allow God to take the position He commands and expects in your life. Allow the light of Christ to shine brightly in your life again. Jesus said: 46 I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness. John 12:46

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