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Do you ever find yourself wandering? Unsure what to do, where to turn, the path to take in life? Wandering doesn’t have to involve wondering… wondering if God is paying attention, wondering if He knows your struggles, wondering if He cares for you. The truth is that he very much does! The Israelites journey through the wilderness in Exodus gives us some clear insights about how much God loves His people and what we can do when we find ourselves wandering. Maybe you are wandering today, alone in your own wilderness, lost and unsure.

When you are wandering:

• Remember what God has DONE

• Remember what God SAYS

• Remember Who God is and Who you are

“Remembering” is the antidote to wandering and wondering. Over and over again, God tells His people to “remember.” He knows that we are apt to forget what He has done, what He says, who He is and who we are in Christ. When you are wandering and wondering, unsure and insecure, remember!

For much more, including some thoughts on The Ten Commandments, click to listen online to Exodus: Part 6.

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