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Life is good! Summer is a season for vacations, cookouts, lake/pool days… good times! But sometimes, even summer, life is not all good. Sometimes we get overwhelmed, beat down, and bummed out by the circumstances of life. Maybe you have found yourself there, vocationally, relationally, financially, emotionally, spiritually… maybe you are there now, or know someone who is.

This past Sunday, in our Exodus series, we spent some time looking at the tremendous hardship that the Israelites were suffering under a relentless, hard-headed and hard-hearted Pharaoh (Ex. 5) When Moses asked him to “let his people go”, Pharaoh not only wouldn’t release them from slavery, but he made their lives far more miserable by putting unrealistic demands on their workload and production. To say they became really uncomfortable is an understatement. One of the truths we learned from this story is: God may use your discomfort to move you to where He wants to take you.

The Israelites had been captive in Egypt for 400 years. Is it possible they had grown complacent and comfortable there? Were they really ready to leave? Maybe God was using their plight to prompt them, to prepare them to move to a better place – the place He had promised them. Sometimes God uses your discomfort to move you too. Are you aware of that? Are you searching for His will and direction in your life? We also learned how mighty and powerful our God is when He plagued the Egyptians to prompt the release of His people. We learned how God has spared us from spiritual death through Jesus Christ, our “passover” lamb. For far more, listen online.

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