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We need community!

“Entropy” is a term we don’t use very often in daily conversation, but we know what it is when we see it. Here is a quick science lesson… Entropy is a natural law that states “any isolated system will gradually tend toward disorder or chaos without an influx of energy.” We may see entropy in our yards (mine really needs to be mowed today), garage (enter mine at your own risk), dresser top (mine’s covered up with stuff), wellness (uh oh), workspace (my “piles” need attention)… You get the picture. We see entropy happening all around us when there is no effort and energy “poured in”.

In life, Jesus Christ promised and poured the Holy Spirit out to Believers… God created us, not to live in isolation, but to live in community! Without community, our lives will tend toward chaos. You were created to live in community with God and with the people of God. Community combines two words: Common and Unity. In the church, we are united by our faith in Jesus Christ.

God was at work in the New Testament Church when the Holy Spirit was poured out and thousands of people were coming to faith in Jesus Christ and receiving the power of the Spirit (Acts 2). 32 All the believers were one in heart and mind. Acts 4:32a These new Believers were experiencing amazing community because of their “oneness” in Jesus Christ. This past Sunday, we learned a lot about community in Christ. We looked at what was happening in the early church when the power of the Holy Spirit was poured out. If you missed it, listen online and plan to join us this Sunday as we learn more about what it looks like to live in community with one another as Christ Followers.

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