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"Win" in life

What an epic finish for Super Bowl LI! The game had been a snoozer until after the 3rd quarter.... I almost gave up on it and went to bed. I wonder how many people actually did that and missed the most spectacular comeback - or implosion - in Super Bowl history! It was a monster win for the Patriots and heartbreaking loss for the Falcons.

This past Sunday as we concluded our Great Expectations series, we learned what the bible teaches us about how to "win" in life! We learned that we win with wisdom... we win when we limit foolish decisions and choices. We discovered that God generously gives us wisdom (James 1:5); and we all need it! In Proverbs 4, a loving father tells his sons how valuable wisdom is and then what it looks like in practice. We discovered that wisdom involves: Staying on the right path, avoiding bad company, guarding your heart, watching your words, and focusing on Christ. Are you pursing wisdom? Remember, The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Proverbs 1:7. For more, listen online.

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