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Why do we fear commitment?

Commitment is a precious commodity these days. It is rare and valuable. Whatever you are committed to will absolutely shape your life in definitive ways! Your commitments can make or break you; but no doubt they will most certainly define you!

What are you committed to right now? Lots of people would say marriage, family, children, career, education… all worthy answers. The Apostle Peter asked and answered this question: 11 …what kind of people ought you to be? You ought to live holy and godly lives. 2 Peter 3:11. If you are a Believer, then you ought to be committed to living a life that is holy, or “set-apart”, and godly (fully devoted to following Jesus). If you are not yet a Believer, God wants you to admit your sin and commit to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord!

A lot of folks fear committing to Christ and to fully following Him. Why is that? There are many of reasons…

  • A desire to be control - an unwillingness to let go.

  • It’s hard! - Jesus’ teachings are tough!

  • It’s counter-cultural - it calls us to be holy or “set-apart” as opposed to “worldly”.

  • It requires selflessness - our natural bend is selfishness.

  • A fear of failure and rejection - not measuring up or fitting in.

For any, or all of these reasons, people fear committing to Christ and to fully following Him. But yet, Peter challenges us, “to live holy and godly lives.” So what does that kind of life look like? There is a guy in the Old Testament who was committed to living a holy and godly life. His name was Daniel. Daniel’s story gives us some excellent insight for fearlessly committing to live a holy and godly life. (Daniel 6)

1) Value high character and integrity! (Daniel 6:4) Daniel was a high character guy. He steered clear of corruption where others may have failed. How did he do that? Because he was committed to honoring the Lord with his life. Are you a person of high character and integrity? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

2) Stand strong for your faith. (Daniel 6:5) Daniel was not afraid to stand strong for his faith! (And everyone knew that about him). We live in a world that is increasingly hostile toward Christianity and Christ-Followers. There may be times when you will be put in a position to take a stand for Christ’s sake. People may challenge you. They may disparage you. They may discourage you. Will you stand strong for your faith when the heat is on, like Daniel and his closest friends? (Daniel 3; 2 Timothy 1:8)

3) Pray throughout your day! (Daniel 6:10-11). Daniel didn’t let a law stop him from praying. He knew the importance of prayer. Do you? Daniel got on his knees three times a day to pray! Why is prayer so vital for living a holy and godly life?

  • Prayer is commanded in God’s Word. (1 Thessalonians 5:17; Colossians 4:2)

  • Prayer was a staple in Jesus’ life. (Luke 5:16)

  • Prayer gives us power over evil. (Matthew 26:41)

  • Prayer keeps us humble before God. (Matthew 18:4)

When Daniel was found to be breaking a law devised solely to get him in trouble with the king, he was forced to spend the night in a den of lions. What happens next is amazing and reveals to us the benefits of living a holy, godly life:

1) You give God an opportunity to do something miraculous! (Daniel 6:19-22)

2) You will inspire others who are not yet Believers! (Daniel 6:25-27)

3) When you stand up (or kneel down) for Christ’s sake, it is a victory over fear!

For much more, listen to No Fear! Part 3 - Commitment


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