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Jesus: approachable, accessible, available

I don’t think I’ve missed many sunrises on Christmas morning. As a child, I couldn’t wait to go find the gifts left under the tree for me. I know I always woke my parents much earlier than they wanted. As an adult, my kids returned the favor, making sure I was up bright and early every Christmas to watch the sun rise as they opened their gifts. Now that my youngest is 22, I’m thinking this may be the year I will get to sleep a little later… we’ll see.

The excitement of finding a wonderful Christmas gift dates back 2000 years to the very first Christmas morning, when a group of shepherds hurried to see the gift God had given them… the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ! (Luke 2:10-12). Why do you think Jesus’ birth was first announced to shepherds?

Shepherds stayed in the fields outside of town with their sheep, sometimes distant, disconnected and disassociated from others. Some may have considered them “outsiders.” It is pretty telling that God would chose to announce Jesus’ birth, not to the religious elite, or to the teachers of the law or to the mighty Roman leadership. He chose lowly shepherds. Why? Maybe to show that He had come not for the religious or the righteous, but for the lowly and lost,… to all who were far from Him.

God makes Himself known to the distant, disassociated, and disconnected, so they can draw near to Him! If you are far from God today, or if you know someone who is, believe that in Jesus Christ, God has come near to you. He wants to associate with you, to connect with you!

The Good News of the Savior’s birth brings great joy to all who believe! 10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Luke 2:10

The Savior of the world came to the us in the lowliest of ways. Have you ever considered why Jesus was born in a stable and slept in a manger, a place where animals lived and ate? After all, He is the King of Kings! He is Immanuel, God with us! He is God in the flesh. Didn’t He deserve a more elegant, fitting birthplace?

Author and Pastor Lee Strobel discusses this in his book, The Case for Christmas. God’s own Son made His appearance on earth in the lowliest of circumstances. This humble birth conveys an amazing message to creation: the transcendent God condescended to come to us. Instead of coming to earth as a pampered, privileged ruler, Jesus was born in meekness, as one of us. The King of kings came humbly, and His first bed was a manger.

Do you know what Jesus’ lowly birth narrative clearly communicates to you and me?

1) Jesus’ lowly birth proves He is approachable.

Some people think they have to get their life right to come to Jesus. This is the opposite of what is true… Jesus meets us right where we are, but He doesn’t leave us there. We come to Jesus, just as we are and He begins to change us and shape us into the person He made us to be. We bring our flaws and failures and lay them at the foot of the cross. Jesus is approachable!

2) Jesus’ lowly birth proves He is accessible.

He wasn’t born in a palatial, gated estate. He wasn’t born in a fortified castle. He wasn’t born in a guarded temple. He was born in a stable… anybody could walk up and see Him, even these strangers from the fields outside of town. Do you know what that proves… Jesus is accessible!

3) Jesus’ lowly birth proves He is available.

You may think that God is too busy for you. You may think He doesn’t have time to be concerned about your problems, your sorrow, your discouragement, your worries. But the truth is that He cares deeply for you and everything about you. He loves you… and God proved how much by coming to earth to show Himself to you… to be near to you… to be available to you!

Jesus is approachable, accessible and available to you and me! Maybe you know that, but you need to be reminded of that this Christmas season. Maybe you didn’t know that or you've never really thought about it, or you didn’t care about it; but this truth will change your life!

When the angel announced Jesus’ birth, the shepherds hurried away to find Him! And when they did, they had to go share this news with anybody who would listen. The gift of the Savior is available to you. Have you found Him? Will you tell others about him?

For much more, click here to watch The Gift Worth Waiting For - Part 3 - Go Find It!


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