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Becoming an Influencer

Social media influencers can make lots of money! When Lori and I were hunting antiques on vacation up north earlier this month, we met someone who does basically the same thing we do, but has figured out a way to get paid $12,000/month as an “influencer.” Lori and I joked that we’ve only figured out how to spend money chasing junk, not make money. Apparently there is plenty of money to be made as a media influencer… if you can figure it out.

While most of us will never make a dime as a social media influencer, all of us still have plenty of people who we influence. Whether your influence is over a few, dozens, hundreds or more, if you’re a Believer, you can use your influence to make an impression and leave a mark for Jesus Christ. Lori and I have determined that is what matters most to us, and maybe you have too!

In Acts 9, we learn about the remarkable conversion of Saul (Paul), who went from being a hateful influencer against Christianity to a powerful influencer for Christianity! His story is remarkable and it shows how you and I can use our influence to inspire or to conspire; no matter your past, God can still use you as an influencer for Christ; your obedience can be used to influence others; and that you can have significant influence over others to disciple and encourage them.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about the influence you have over others. The truth is you have far more than you may realize; and your influence over others, for Christ’s sake, can yield far greater returns than your influence in any other area of life.

For much more, click here to watch: Multiply - Part 8 - Becoming an Influencer.


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