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Plan for success

How do you define success? Most of us would probably answer that in financial or vocational terms; that is hitting a certain mark for income or reaching a particular career milestone. While those kinds of goals are a focus in our world, offering some satisfaction, they don’t appear to be what matters most to God.

In James 4:13-5:6, James challenges us to think about success differently, redefining the way we tend to think about it. He pushes us to allow God to be a part of all our plans, guiding and leading us in the direction He wants us to take first and foremost. So what does success look like and how can I plan for success? Consider these steps James outlines for planning for success:

  1. Plan with God! James 4:13. He wants to be central in all your planning. Do you consider what God wants you to do in any and every situation?

  2. Acknowledge time is fleeting! James 4:14. Life moves quickly! It is like a “vapor”. Do you make your moments matter for Christ’s sake?

  3. Desire God’s will! James 4:15. God has a plan for you! He wants you to experience his “good, pleasing and perfect will”. (Romans 12:1-2). Do you want to follow His will in your life? How do you do that?

  • Give up control! Romans 12:1b

  • Be set apart! Romans 12:2a

  • Crave transformation! Romans 2:b.

  • Yield your mind to God! Romans 12:2c

  1. Recognize that partial obedience is complete disobedience. James 4:17. If you know the right thing to do, do it! What is God calling you to do right now that you may not be fully obeying?

  2. Care less about amassing wealth and more about helping others! James 5:2-6. Most of us are generally “charitable;” but there is a lot of pressure in our world to acquire more material things than to help others. Are you more interested in acquiring or giving?

For far more, please listen to FaithWorks - Part 10 - Gaining Perspective.

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