Courage to try again

Comeback stories are inspiring, aren’t they? Some remarkably successful people failed miserably before they succeeded… Walt Disney was $4 million in debt after numerous career setbacks before he turned it around with the release of Snow White in 1938. “Colonel Sanders” was nearly broke in 1955 after his restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky was bypassed by the new interstate; he decided to try to sell franchises for his famous fried chicken. Elvis’ first two recordings received no interest and an audition for a singing gig in a quartet didn’t work out; he was told he couldn't sing. Despite their failures, many people have made the most of their “second chances.” I am so grateful that I serve

Courage to stand up

What are you passionate about? What do you love? Most of us would say a sweetheart, a spouse, family, friends. Some may say they are passionate about a favorite sports team. Some might say they are passionate about a hobby or career or leisure. Some may say they love to shop! There is nothing wrong with any of those things. They are good, especially the relationships! But for Believers, nothing matters more than our love and devotion to God. That heartfelt, complete devotion to Him is best reflected in worship. In fact, God commands we worship Him before anything else in life! 3 “You shall have no other gods before me." Exodus 20:3. Is it possible that we could find ourselves

Courage to speak up

Have you ever considered, “Why am I going through this in my life? Why did I walk through that or go down that road? Is God really paying attention? Does He really care about me? Does God have a plan and purpose for me?” There may be lots of times in life that we all ask those kinds of questions. The truth is that God is at work in your life in any and all circumstances. 28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 One of the greatest examples of God’s sovereign hand at work in this world is found in the book of Esther. Esther’s story reads like a Hollywood script, full of drama and intrigu

Courage to step up

What is your favorite Rocky movie? The original Rocky is a classic, winning an Academy Award for Best Picture; but that first movie spawned multiple sequels that I lost count of years ago. I do know that the original movie was released in 1976 and the latest sequel was “Creed II”, which came out in 2018. That means the Rocky brand has been alive and well for 40 years! Why have the Rocky movies been so successful for so long? Simple… we love underdog stories. We love to pull for the underdog! One of the greatest underdog stories of all time is David vs. Goliath! It is an Old Testament classic captured for us in 1 Samuel 17. This epic story teaches us so much about courage… especially

Courage to trust

As a teenager, the first time my family played Scrabble with my girlfriend - later to be my wife - Lori opened the game spelling “Utopia.” I knew immediately, we were toast… we didn’t even know what that word meant! It is a “fantasy paradise”, she told us. That was the moment I knew I had to marry that gal because not only was she beautiful, but she was brilliant too; at least in my clan. She wiped the Scrabble board with all of us that rainy day at the beach. The truth is that this life is no “utopia”; we all face our share of foes that can overwhelm and crush us. You may be facing a serious battle or two in your life right now… loss, pain, disappointment, illness, loneliness, stress…

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