The choice is yours

Is there anything in life you could not do without? Most of us would say, "I definitely need the basics... food, water, shelter." I'm thinking about and praying for our friends in Texas who are struggling these days with those basic necessities. I hope you are praying for them. Thank God for the ministries that are being mobilized right now to help care for the needs of those devastated by flooding. Watermark is considering how we might assist. Truth is, there are some things in life we simply can't do without... Basic necessities are clearly needed for our physical well-being; we just can't do without them. Not only do we have physical needs, but we also have a very real spiritual nee

Guard against spiritual eclipses

I have to admit, the eclipse kind of lived up to the hype for me. Honestly, I had not even bothered to get the “eclipse” glasses to watch it, but when my daughter Kerigan showed up about the time it started with some glasses, I checked it out. I thought it was pretty amazing. I was a little disappointed though, that it didn’t get any darker here, even at 98% totality; but that just proves how bright and powerful only 2% of the sun is. It all happened pretty quickly too with the moon moving at nearly 1500 mph. On Sunday, as we continued our Exodus series (Exodus 32), we talked about how quickly the Israelites strayed from the LORD while Moses was away on Mt Sinai getting instruction from

Are the 10 Commandments Still Relevant?

One of the most sickening feelings you can get in life is the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you see the blue lights of a police car in your rear window - not that I have ever seen that; I’m just saying. If you drive long enough, you may have the misfortune of seeing those lights for making a “driving error”. Is that what they call “speeding” now? I’m sure it is humiliating to sit on the side of the road for what seems like an eternity while the law enforcement officer writes a ticket. Again, not that I have ever experienced such a thing,… I’m just saying. Why do laws matter? Any civilized society needs law and order to function and prosper. When the Israelites were o


Do you ever find yourself wandering? Unsure what to do, where to turn, the path to take in life? Wandering doesn’t have to involve wondering… wondering if God is paying attention, wondering if He knows your struggles, wondering if He cares for you. The truth is that he very much does! The Israelites journey through the wilderness in Exodus gives us some clear insights about how much God loves His people and what we can do when we find ourselves wandering. Maybe you are wandering today, alone in your own wilderness, lost and unsure. When you are wandering: • Remember what God has DONE • Remember what God SAYS • Remember Who God is and Who you are “Remembering” is the antidote to wanderin

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