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The Church Gets... Weird

Have you noticed that people come in all shapes, sizes and personalities? But while we are all different in lots of ways, we are all alike in one way… we are all flawed and desperately in need of a Savior. The great news is that God welcomes everyone into His family through Jesus Christ. In Acts 16, Paul and Silas answered a man who asked them how he could be saved, 31…“Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved— Acts 16:31

In Acts 16, we see that God saves a variety of people. While on a mission trip together, Paul and Silas encounter three completely different people, who, despite their differences, had that one common need we all share - the need for salvation. First we meet a wealthy, business woman and influencer named Lydia. Then we meet a slave girl who seemed to be a spiritual seeker. Finally, we meet a grizzled former soldier who was now serving as a jailer. All three really different people who would hear the gospel and experience the life change that comes through a commitment to Christ!

The truth is, we are all different. You may even see yourself in one of these three people. Maybe you have friends or family members who do not yet believe; I wonder if they could relate to one of these three people in some way? Jesus always meets us where we are; but He never leaves us there! He saves a variety of people. For much more, click here to listen to our guest speaker Dan Roseman’s message: Multiply - Part 13: The Church Gets… Weird.


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