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Be great - serve!

We have heard a lot about being "great" lately haven't we? I think we all like the idea of greatness; who wouldn't? We want to be great spouses, parents, students, employees, children don't we? So what did Jesus say about how to be "great"? Jesus said: 26 ...whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, Matthew 20:26. We think about greatness in lots of ways... vocational success, athletic achievement, intellectual prowess... but when Jesus talked about being "great", he spoke about humble service - a heart to serve. That was totally contrary to first century Roman culture and it is contrary to our self-centered culture. Jesus is saying if you want to be great, then develop a servant's heart!

Do you have a servant's heart? In our sermon this past Sunday, we talked about how to develop a servant's heart (Philippians 2:3-6; Genesis 24). If you missed it, listen online! Let's strive to be GREAT - Serve to leave a mark for Christ's sake!

We have some really great folks at Watermark. This past Sunday, we celebrated service in our church by awarding Markees for exceptional service. We recognized the following folks for serving to leave a mark:

Jeremy Bailey - Set-up/Life Group leadership

Gary Mozeley - Production/Set-up/Life Group leadership

Melissa Spinelli - KidsPort leadership

Doug Taylor - Financial management

Franklin Wagner - Youth Ministry/Life Group leadership

Thanks so much to these faithful servants and to all who serve by giving their time, talents and treasures to make an impression and leave a mark for Jesus Christ at Watermark Church! We are blessed to have so many truly great people in our church family.

Be GREAT this week - Serve!

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